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Corrupt Lying Media Covering for the Corrupt Biden Administration

Have you seen enough yet? The media, along with the political left, is waging an all out war on the conservatives in this country. They are no longer making much of an effort to hide it, they are just blatantly waging an all day everyday attack against us. The whole strategy of the corrupt media and their allies in the democratic party is to use deceptive language and wordsmithing to deceive the masses out there consuming the media off the paper and airwaves. They will do all they can to promote the idea that the right is full of racism and all kinds of other things that are hard to vote for. They love to use phrases like sources tell us and some people say to advance their ideas in the media and make them seem legitimate. They do the same dishonest stuff to provide backup for the Biden administration. This administration is being manned by inept people who do not even like America. Obama himself said he, and his people, were going to fundamentally transform America. Who does that? Not someone that loves their country. What would your spouse say if you told them you wanted to fundamentally transform them as a person? We are gonna bet that wouldn't go very well. The news media and the journoactivists who work there do not necessarily hate America they are just doing what they are being made very well to do by corporate. It does appear that many of them are dedicated leftists who make very little effort to hide that in their very unprofessional work. They lie to us daily! Why do we let them get away with it? Not only the lying but why do we let them get away with doing damage to this country? It is time to boycott all things Disney and put ABC News in a world of pain. Instead of letting CNN or MSNBC, NBC News or CNN lie to you find better, and more reliable sources of news. O'Reilly, Bongino, Tucker, Levin, Valuetainment, Just the News, and many other sources are available to get reliable and truthful news from. Our main goal still must be for MAGA to unite and cut off the cash flow of the corrupt corporate media.

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