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Defund The Corrupt Media

Are you ready to stop indirectly funding the corrupt leftist corporate media and their all out onslaught on the political right and those of us that identify as MAGA people? It's a lot of trouble to decide to do this but cash flow is the only thing that matters to the corrupt leftist media. They obviously have no shame or worry about what they do looks like to others. The only thing we can do to slow down the democratic activists masquerading as journalists is to totally stop watching them and also, in any way we can, stop their cash flow. Do you think Stephanopoulos, or Chuck Todd care how or what they report looks like? Of course not, they only care about getting the leftist propaganda out on the airwaves in their most sincere sounding voice. Stephanopoulos has, in the last few shows, shamed a republican congresswoman as a rape survivor and Argued with Senator Paul and calling any idea that there were problems with the election in 2020 a huge lie. Senator Paul did a really good job countering his argument and didn't get intimidated as republicans so often do by a pushy, obnoxious media member. Congresswoman Mace, as she is prone to do, stood her ground against him also in his efforts to shame her as a rape survivor supporting Trump who he said was convicted of sexual assault. Thankfully Donald Trump is now suing Georgie and ABC News for this erroneous claim on the part of Stephanopoulos. We can only hope he wins in the court for an astronomical amount of money to counter the lying and many times downright abusive manner in which activists like Stephanopoulos conduct themselves during the interrogation like interviews that they conduct. What is really on the mind of the former bimbo controller Stephanopoulos and his ally in the effort Chuck Todd is how to advance the agenda of the democrats and the political left. Todd and his democratic employed wife have held democratic fund raisers in their home. We must, as sad as it is to say, defund Disney which is the parent company and approving bosses of ABC News and The View. Take the time to call one advertiser on either of these ABC shows or an advertiser on Meet the Press even though Todd has been discarded for and equally biased and corrupt media member. When talking about CNN or NSNBC pretty much anything that you tune into is ridiculous, dishonest garbage and should be avoided. Take the time to make a little effort and perhaps make a difference in the information being put out by the media in a way that can improve the way things function in our political spectrum in a way that will continue Turningthetablez on the corrupt media and the liars who work there.

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