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Corrupt Media is Damaging our country

Have you seen enough yet? Are you mad enough to do something about the damage being done to the country by the corrupt corporate media? The corrupt journoactivists employed by the corporate elitists at ABC News, NBC News and CNN and MSNBC are at it again. They are out there every day doing all they can to build up the inept Joe Biden and tear down and attack Trump and anyone who is aligned with him. We have a president who does not tell the truth to the American people and a media that will not call him out on it. The media is no longer here to make sure the government is doing its job correctly and honestly, they are doing their job which is now to be a propaganda arm of the DNC. To top it off we are indirectly paying the salaries of the corrupt media members. When NBC News hired the former RNC chairmen the left loons/fanatics employed there masquerading as journalists threw such on air hissy fits that she was let go at what hopefully for her will be at a great monetary loss in the legal system. They do not want any opposing voices on the propaganda channels. It slows down their relaying of their leftist message. Does anyone think Chuck Todd is an ethical purveyor of the news to the American public who just happens to let his home be used for a fund raiser for democratic presidential candidates? Of course they don't! Does anyone think that former democratic and Clinton flunkie George Stephanopoulos delivers the news ethically and truthfully to the public even though he regularly attacks republicans who make the mistake on going on his show? Even to the point that he attacked a republican rape victim? Of course not, he got his start in politics attacking any women who had been accused of rape by Bill Clinton, and it looks like he is still attacking any women who gets in the way of the democratic political goals. The bottom line here is that the media is dead for the most part and we are left with a corrupt group of leftist activists who do their daily job of spewing propaganda to the susceptible public. It is time for the very large potion of the public to wake up and pay attention to who and what they are voting for. The political left and the corrupt media rely on these uninformed voters to read and be tricked by deceptive headlines in print and on the computer and talking points on TV. For those of us who consider themselves, rightly or wrongly, to be well informed we need to stop sending money to the corrupt media. It's time to cancel all Disney channels and avoid all Disney properties. They own ABC News and we should not help pay Joy Behar and Stephanopoulos's salaries. We will come out with more ways to help with this effort soon. If all MAGA people tried to avoid sending any money to the corrupt media we could really make them feel the pain.

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