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Corrupt Media Wages War on the Right

Have you seen enough yet? We now have literally millions of illegal aliens traveling into our country. We think it is safe to say many of the countries of origin are not sending their biggest and best. The whole situation is very sad, these people are coming from mostly corrupt, poor countries. Not all are criminals, some genuinely just want a chance at a better life and they are being used as pawns by the political left with assistance from the corrupt, lapdog media. While this is, for many of the migrants, a very sad situation there also appears to be an increasing number coming in from countries that very possibly could be here to do harm. At some point these corrupt, cartel controlled countries have to make an effort to get better as places to live for their citizens. Several of them are communist/socialist countries that should get the attention of the socialist/leftist in government positions here. So many crazy things are happening now and nearly all of them are made possible by the corrupt media being an arm of the DNC helping democrats every chance they get. The media is CORRUPT and is waging war on the right in the USA. Think about what that means. If there is going to be a civil war in this country maybe we need to wake up because it may already have started. The corrupt leftist media is waging war on the right on a daily basis and many of us on the right are unwittingly help pay their salaries by not paying attention to our spending habits. When we spend money with Disney we are subsidizing the salary of Stephanopoulos, Behar, Hostin and many of the other democrats masquerading as journalist at ABC. Many of these leftists are actually masquerading as experts as laughable as that is. So while the absurd media attacks Trump as a threat to democracy they are the ones being used a tool daily to subvert or help others to subvert the rule of law. They make an effort everyday to advance the left while attacking and blaming anything that goes wrong on MAGA people and they are also in cahoots with the effort to use selective court jurisdictions to prosecute foes of the regime. we must, as a group, stop indirectly financing the nuts in the media on the left who are attacking us everyday. We need to work as a group to defund Disney/ANC News and any of the advertisers on MSNBC or CNN. CBS and 60 minutes should also be in this group but that will waituntil next time.

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