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Culture Rot

Have you seen enough yet? Have you noticed how the walls of our culture are falling down around us? The traditional ways, culture and beliefs are under attack by the left and we had better get ready to do something about it or it is going to be too late. It seems now that there is a Saul Alinsky disciple on every news channel trying to steer the culture war here in America toward the left. The current and ongoing culture war here in America is being pushed along by the media who are working in teamwork with the democrats and political left. It appears this is all being done without the need for thousands of people acting their part. Oh there is definitely a need for millions of voters gullible enough, or so invested in a single issue that they will blindly vote for the inept and corrupt candidates on the left. You take, in the words of Hillary Clinton, a basket of career politicians who have been on the government trough their whole adult life and add another basket of corrupt, agenda driven activists masquerading as journalists and those are the tools the left use to continually keep their grift going. The corrupt journoactivists repeatedly interview the same corrupt career politicians or government gremlin and strategically ask questions which will incriminate the right while totally ignoring any wrongdoing by the left. These people are just corrupt to the core. The have a political goal and will stop at nothing to achieve it. Look at someone like Joe Scarborough on MSNBC. I am quite sure ol' Joe was never a brain surgeon but brains aren't required when you can be paid several million dollars a year to be a republican who criticizes the right. He is very useful in that regard and is compensated quite handsomely. It's all organized quite well and they use the same group of people coordinated somewhere behind the scenes to continually push their agenda. We must get more organized to use the weapon that we have. The power to pick and choose where we spend our money. Places like Target and Kohl's along with Bud Light and any Disney property or channel should not get one cent of money from anyone who opposes the left politically. Disney is cramming a sexual agenda down all of our throats and we need to starve them of cash. Bank of America is now looking to push ESG in transactions so doing business with them should be avoided. We should do something like see how many premium Disney channels can be cancelled by the 4th of July. ABC News might have to cut Georgie Stephanopoulos's salary. We have to start trying to have targeted goals of how we can punish these woke entities trying to tranform this country, and also punish the corrupt people pushing the transformation. Time is running out and we should continue our effort of Turningthetablez on the corrupt media in this manner.

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