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Curious desperation

Have you seen enough yet? Have you noticed the desperation that the left seems to be acting with in regards to the stopping of Donald Trump from ever being in a position of power again? The outrageous, desperate way in which they are trying use the corrupt legal system to prevent him from holding power again is alarming. From asanine efforts at impeachment done by the foolish Speaker Pelosi to a DA charging him with a RICO crime in an effort to send him to jail. It is doubtful he will be sent to jail but without a doubt, it's an effort to influence the election and hinder or distract his efforts at getting elected. On Sunday This Week with Georgie made a complete joke of journalism. In an obviously well choreographed and practiced interrogation if Vivek Ramaswamy he continuously asked how he could, in the future, support Trump for election to the office of president. Ramaswamy was far too polite to the democratic hack Stephanopoulos during this journalistic masquerade. At some point republican or conservative figures have to ask if this is an interview or an interrogation. They should tell Georgie they do not care for these types of questions from someone who made their start in politics handling bimbo eruptions for the Clintons. So many of the democrat/liberal media and politicians reinvent themselves or portray a persona that just is complete fiction. When you compare the resumes of a hack like Stephanopoulos vs a previous host of this show like David Brinkley we cannot help but wonder how he got this job. We think the only clear answer to how he keeps it is in the political activism of ABC News parent company Disney. This brings us to the whole point of our website. We must quit sending our hard earned dollars to companies trying to change and corrupt this country. None of us should darken the gates of any of the Disney properties nor should we spend any money on any of their premium channels. The same goes for TARGET, Ben & Jerry ice cream and any of the other woke companies trying to fundamentally transform America (remember that line). The power we have to speak loudly by not spending our money with certain companies is a tool we must begin to use more frequently no matter how inconvenient. The left has been trying this for years but their power of not buying things is dwarfed by ours. We can continue Turningthetablez on the corrupt, leftist media by using our choice of where to spend our money.

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