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Deceitful Media

Have you seen enough yet? Have you now decided after being lied to for years by the media that it is time to take action against the liars who make up much of that group. The calamity we see daily as the Biden administration, which was put in place largely due to the help and daily dishonesty of the media, is an absolute joke. We are saddled with a corrupt president who has enriched his entire family by peddling his influence, though his son, across the globe. Now the deceitful media is covering for him at every turn while at the same time staying on the attack against Trump 24/7. New polls show Trump with a healthy lead against Biden in a 2024 matchup but polls are not reliable. While the deceitful media stays on the attack against Trump at all hours he is going nowhere. Now people are starting to say that the life of Donald Trump is in danger and this should be taken seriously. Due to the onslaught of media attacks, many of which are knowingly false, it should be easy to believe that he could come under attack. The big question is why? Also, who is the power behind the scenes that is running this never ending attack ? The attacks and the message being put forth daily stem from a central point where the marching orders are given out on what to do and what to say on the air. These "orders" are apparently carried by the on air "talent" and also the commentators and politicians. Some of the stuff being put out is absolutely insane such as....."The border is secure". Only an absolute idiot would believe some of the stuff they spew from their broadcasts. We've all seen the pictures of the gate in the section of wall built by the Trump administration which was welded open! It wasn't left open by mistake or had a broken latch it was welded open so people could continue streaming across the border at record numbers. At the same time members of the Biden administration go on the air and testify before congress that the border is not open. We cannot help but wonder what the hell it would look like if it was not secure! That's the question that should be asked the next time Mayorkas goes up to Capitol Hill. We are sure he would, without blinking, just stick to whatever talking points he was given that morning and when interviewed by the corrupt leftist media. There are so many things going on that should alarm the public but the leftist media is on an attack against traditional America. Crazy, evil things are going on in our schools with the push to read extremely sexually explicit material to elementary children and having drag queens come and dance for these small children. Since when did this kind of activity not qualify as being sick? Not unseemly, not immoral but SICK! Nearly all of this activity is being suppressed, or in some isolated outrageous reports promoted. The three big networks and CNN and MSNBC should be boycotted and put out of business for this kind of activity not being reported on truthfully. ABC News parent company Disney should be avoided in all areas that they garner income from. Target, Bud Light, Burger King and many other companies making efforts to be woke and liberal should be boycotted. The left is constantly trying to boycott business entities on the right but they do not have the buying power that we on the right do. One way to look and try to be careful about how you spend your money is by going to the site and look it over as it may help you not send money to the woke companies many of which work with George Soros to undermine our society. This is the best way we have to turn around a battle that we are, at the present time, losing. We must get started soon and keep up the battle to continue Turningthetablez on the corrupt leftist media.

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