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Disney Goes Awry

What has happened to the Disney Corporation? According to video obtained by a journalist Disney has gone full woke. We here at Turningthetablez have long thought ABC News and The View were a bit of a joke.

Now their parent company Disney has declared war on our culture. They openly admit they are pushing in their words "queerness". What people do in their own lives is private and people, not the government, need to raise their own kids. Whether people are gay or not is their own business, but corporations shouldn't be trying to shove gayness or wokeness down our throats. It's Disneyland\world! It's a place where people go to get away from life's drudgery, and Disney is trying to influence the minds of children to promote gayness and wokeness. We here at Turningthetablezare wondering.

What is their goal? What could possibly be the goal of a group of adults who are admittedly trying to present the LGBTQ agenda to very young children. Disney is the parent company of the agenda driven ABC News. On top of indoctrinating small children Disney is responsible for the garbage known as The View and This Week hosted by professional bimbo controller George Stephanopolous. The View is a show that on a daily basis throws out a gauntlet of leftist liberal ideas. This show often is led by the most unpleasant person on television, Joy Behar. The acidic and intellectually unimpressive Behar attacks anyone who would dare disagree with her. It is our opinion her likeness and personality should be used by Republicans in advertisements across the country.

Her extremely unpleasant manner and the nonsensical way she makes her points could only help the right if used correctly. This Week is an iconic news show once hosted by David Brinkley. It has now become a liberal echo chamber hosted by a democratic hack who is used strategically by the DNC to interview certain people and ask questions beneficial to the agenda of the left. At some point we on the right have to stop subsidizing these kinds of shows. We must quit financing these activities.

No person or family who is opposed to the political left, and their extreme agenda should book no trips to Disney parks and stop subscribing to any Disney streaming services. Reducing or eliminating their supply of money is the only way they will stop their culture war on America.

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