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Don't Fund Our Demise

Have you seen enough yet that you are ready to take action? Oklahoma has, they banned six woke banks from doing business in Oklahoma today. Every other state that is not a woke social laboratory should follow up quickly doing the same thing. States should not invest any of their money with Blackrock or vanguard either. Those financial mega entities should be broken up. They are the possessors of way too much power in way too small of a space. It is financial entities like this that can push ESG on all of us and they can even control what advertising can be done on networks or even the programming aired by the network. they do this by owning enough stock to have clout to call the shots. This stock was bought by using retirement funds of everyday blue collar Americans pension funds. The money is used to advance woke causes and ESG detrimental to the everyday lives of average citizens in this country. The "elites" are using this money to transform the country and advance the political goals of the left. Any of the so called red states should make moves immediately to find alternative funds to invest their retirement funds in. As citizens who reside on the political right we should, and we need to, start paying attention where we spend our money. I think it's safe to say none of us are planning to drink a Bud Light anytime soon. We also should not watch, listen to or pay an admission into anything having to do with Disney. There are alternatives to all of our spending habits that involve woke companies. So much of the money we spend is later used to damage our own way of life. These states banning gas stoves and diesel trucks won't be satisfied until they take those things, and others to come, away from all of us. All of the many people fleeing blue states better remember why they left each time they vote. We should all think about how the companies we spend our money with will use that money each time we make out a list to take to the store. These people and groups play to win and they want us lower life forms to listen to them tell us how we should live. They tell us this while Democrat run cities and states are in complete free fall. Remember we must continue Turningthetablez on the leftist corporate media and their partners in woke corporate #America.

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