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Insane Activity on the Left

Have you seen enough yet? Have you noticed how desperate and insane the left seems to be to keep Donald Trump in check? They are doing everything they can, some of which is outrageous, to keep Trump out of the 2020 election. Why is That? When we say the left is doing all they can we include the corrupt leftist media in that group that is panicing and doing crazy outrageous stuff to make him look bad. They utilize the usual suspects to come on different days of the week and say how Trump is obviously in legal peril and even more should be done against him and anyone associated with the MAGA group. At the same time more and more information is coming out that shows how there was legitimate corruption happening in the 2020 election. While there is now more information coming out nearly daily on how they cheated in the 2020 election you will not hear any of it on the legacy networks or CNN and MSNBC. They are fully committed to helping Biden and the democrats all they while harming the right and the republicans. It appears now that no matter the level of corruption and lying there is a substantial part of the electorate who will vote for Biden no matter what. That is kind of hard to believe due to the fact that there is more stuff seeping out every day about the corruption going on with the Bidens. The Bidens may be the most corrupt family in political history and now it is looking like the DOJ led by Merrick Garland is the most corrupt agency in the history of the American government. There is no way the Senate is going to convict Biden in an election trial even though the evidence of corruption is obvious. An impeachment inquiry should start immediately for no other reason than to keep the steady stream of damaging and incriminating information flowing out to the public. Normally, or if this was a republican, the media would be releasing this information while digging around to investigate but not when the person involved is a democrat. In cases like this one we have to find out the level of corruption from alternative sources of news like Fox, Newsmax or Bongino or O'Reilly. The information is out there and takes minimal effort to find it out but many people do not have the time or inclination to do so. The political left and the mainstream media count on those things to keep certain stuff out of the news. When a republican is interviewed they seek out and find only the ones who will stick with the Trump Bad narrative. People like Jonah Goldberg or Asa Hutchinson who are only too happy to bee used by the left so that they can exhibit their conservative purity even though they are being used as a total tool and a joke by the left. Other sources of information that can be used to find out what is really happening is the Valuetainment channel on YouTube and also their podcast. Joe Rogan goes in depth on a lot of this stuff if you don't mind a little saucy language the conversations he has are extremely interesting. We know Youtube is a leftist group but they have to be utilized at times to finds out information. Disney is definitely feeling the pain of their woke efforts at doing things and hopefully the avoidance of all thing Disney will continue by those of us on the right. In this way we can continue out efforts at Turningthetablez on the corrupt leftist media.

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