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Media Get Marching orders

Have you seen enough yet? Were you shocked or even surprised to see the corrupt media get its marching orders directly from the Biden administration? The White House sent out a memo to the media demanding that they ramp up their scrutiny of the republicans who are going to launch an impeachment inquiry in the business dealings of the Biden clan. We are wondering if the media check in with the republicans to see if they are scrutinizing the democrats hard enough? Has their ever been any scrutiny of the democrats by the media? Instead of scrutiny by the media we have outlandish things happening like the once iconic This Week being hosted by a democratic lackey. Georgie Stephanopoulos who once handled bimbo eruptions for the Clintons now interviews/interrogates republicans on This Week. Do you think he or the intellectuals on The View will scrutinize the democrats? Even if the republicans asked? If the republicans asked for the democrats to be scrutinized that alone would be a huge story and an outrage to the corrupt, leftist corporate media. We know that presidential administrations have behind the scenes communications with the media but the communication between republican and democrat administrations is undoubtedly very different. The republican communication is probably more of a professional, courteous form letter kind of communication while the communication with the democrats appears to be more of a strategy session or just downright marching orders. The whole point here is how the media is corrupt, in the pocket of the political and is currently doing damage daily to our country. Without the compliant, lapdog media suppressing the hunter Biden laptop story we would not be dealing with the embarrassment that is the Biden administration right now. Voters, both on the left and right, need to understand the deceptive forces working to influence elections in the U.S. Due to the non-coverage by the corrupt media people like George Soros come in and basically buy elections for the candidate that will do the most harm to this country as exhibited by the far left DAs being elected in these big cities. Some have been recalled but all are incompetent to the point of doing damage. Voters have to know at this point that any candidate Soros is supporting has to be the wrong candidate, but they also have to know the complexity of the Soros organization could make donations to conservative candidates just to throw that plan into chaos. The key for voters to educate themselves and not be fooled by the corrupt media, late night shows and Sunday shows. The democrat lawmakers will just outright lie, and all the while the corrupt media nod their head in agreement. It's time for voters to pay attention to what is going on and not be fooled like they are far too often are.

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