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Media Has to be Stopped

Have you seen enough yet? Have you decided it's time to start doing things to counter the corrupt media? The media is doing great harm to this country by being an ally to the democratic party. It does not matter what the Bidens do or how corrupt they can be in their business dealings with foreign countries the corrupt leftist journoactivists will not report on it in a truthful manner. The only goal MSNBC or CNN have is to try and discredit Durham and, unbelievably, continue their Russia Russia hoax. The way they operate in a completely dishonest manner is hard to believe. They are paid very well and I suppose whether they believe it or not they are saying what they are told to say. Some of them like Joe Scarborough went from being a republican, although a RINO, to suddenly being a VERY well paid political expert on MSNBC who now almost exclusively sides with the democrats. We are all for making a good living and we hope Joe enjoys the money he is making. The whole corrupt operation is being run from somewhere but we have yet to figure all that out. It does appear to be a very well organized and focused effort to always, no matter how ludicrous, report the news in a way that makes the democrats look good and the republicans, more specifically MAGA republicans look bad. In fact is being done in such an organized and dedicated way we cannot help but wonder if a community organizer is not involved at some level. The huge majority of MAGA republicans are regular, go to work everyday citizens of the type that Multiple mansion owning Joe Biden likes to portray himself as. It seems that the MAGA people must be making people take notice of what is going on because they are increasingly under attack by the media and politicians on the left. One big question that has come up in our circles is how can independents, who in most cases are very good citizens but maybe not just politically active bring themselves to side with the political left. The democrats have went full whacko with a total lurch to the looney left. They have went so far as to now be arguing over the fact of whether or not men and women are different. People are going to have to recognize this and realize that the media needs to be turned off and alternative media sources which can be trusted need to be utilized. Some of the corporate, legacy media is so corrupt and has such a rotten leftist stench they need to be have their cash flow turned totally off. At least the cash coming from those of us on the political right. We must completely and totally boycott Disney by staying away from their theme parks and away from their premium channels and movies. Their movies are becoming increasingly unfit for children anyway. They are the parent company of ABC News which does its best daily to advance the leftist agenda. Ideally we could exert influence in such a way as to stop CNN and MSNBC from spewing their outright lies daily in an effort to influence opinions to the political left on the airwaves. It does not appear that Dish or Directtv will cease offering these channels as a part of their packages anytime soon but if there are alternative sources foe TV programming we need to explore them. These channels are very harmful and are just waiting and ready to broadcast whatever stories the left needs them to air and also do it in a way to help the left and hurt the political right. There is a system to how they operate and as long as we help subsidize it they will continue to do it. Stopping them will be hard but we must make an effort to do it or the relentless left will win. We must make an effort and continue Turningthetablez on the corrupt leftist media.

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