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Panic on The Left

Have you seen enough yet? Have you noticed the absolute total freakout in the prioritizing of getting rid of Donald Trump? The left has decided that the most important thing on their political agenda is going to be getting rid of Donald trump. Getting rid of him no matter the cost! Whatever damage is done is secondary to their mission of getting rid of Donald Trump. Why is this? We hear of things like The Great Reset, also there is a group of people who are globalists first and Americans second who seem to be in a panic to get rid of Trump. No matter what they might say about Trump nobody can truthfully say that he did not put our country first. The other thing that can be said is that he had America rolling on all cylinders and things were good. Then covid hit. There were factors which led to the defeat of Trump in the 2020 election. The first one that comes to mind is that from day one, of his campaign not his term in office, he was under attack 24\7 by the media. Hillary, one of the most unlikable and pathetic candidates ever, could not win even with all the help that she had and we here at turningthetablez still wish we could have been a fly on the wall in her hotel suite on election night. Then we had Biden who benefitted from all bad news about him being suppressed and all bad news about Trump, true or not, sent out via a megaphone. There is just no doubt, unless you're in the media, that at the very least there were some really shady things going on with voting practices in 2020. The people on the left and the media like to argue against this but a clear majority of the American people believe this to be true and it really is not even debatable. We have news readers on the networks and in many cases celebrities lecturing us on what is going on and most of the time why we on the right are at fault. We all agree here we do not need some singer or Hollywood notable lecturing us on what we should do or say in certain situations regarding the country's politics. How much longer are we going to tolerate Stephanopoulos or really any of the figureheads on the news who do not interview republicans they interrogate them. Why, we continue to wonder, do we still have republicans agreeing to do interviews on the legacy media. We also continue to wonder why we on the right continue to do business with companies that fund the leftist, corrupt corporate media. Also the parent companies of the news entities like Disney should be defunded. They are paying Stephanopoulos multiple millions a year to aid the political left. Any Disney theme park or premium channel should be avoided or cancelled immediately. We have a lead newsman for ABC who made his political bones by handling bimbo control for the Clintons and now he is spearheading the political efforts of a national news organization while masquerading as a legitimate news person. It's time we stopped helping them hurt us! Disney, Target, Bud Light, CNN, MSNBC are a start of places to boycott. We have tried to not use that word but we know being honest that is exactly what we must do. We must use our massive power of not spending our money to get rid of some of the entities out their in business and media that are damaging and trying to fundamentally transform this country. We need to educate ourselves, find alternate sources of news and pay more attention to what candidates are actually FOR America and try to help them.

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