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Quit Letting The Media Get Away With It

Have you seen enough yet? Have you noticed here lately how the media is starting to, a little bit at a time, turn on Joe Biden? We have what is probably the most corrupt president in history, maybe the most corrupt politician period in us history, and they do not begin to report anything on him until it appears his polling is going in the toilet. It does not matter to the corrupt media what the corrupt Biden clan does it only matters that they may be so corrupt that the public might not elect to keep them in power. That is what really matters to the media and the left...POWER. The Biden clan is so corrupt that the mainstream media is getting very worried that they may not be able to sway the opinion of the public enough to ensure his re-election. The shenanigans that went on in the 2020 election will undoubtedly go on again but the republicans are getting wise, at least a little bit, and may be doing some vote harvesting themselves. The idea of harvesting votes is just an avenue to cheat, or at least it was in 2020, but we must do it to make the elections on an even playing field. We are sure it won't be long until the media is pointing out how corrupt the right is for doing the same election tactics used by the left. It does seem like some long dependably left leaning voter groups may be so aghast at what the Biden administration is doing that they are considering voting republican. We know this from polls and no doubt the media will begin trumpeting stories to counter this development. Stephanopoulos and Meet The Press along with CNN and the rest of the journoactivists will be calling the republicans racist, mysogynistic neanderthals at every turn in their broadcasts. When you have crazy, radical ideas you resort to name calling and trust the mainstream media to back you up on it true or not. There are absolutely crazy things going on with the political left and none of it would be possible if not for the cooperation of the mainstream media helping their wacky efforts. There is a cultural revolution going on here in this country spearheaded by the left and the only reason it's possible is the cooperative efforts by the mainstream media to help the effort. The revolution is not a noble one it is a revolution against the traditional values of America. Parent companies like Disney should be avoided at all times and by doing this we will not indirectly be paying the salaries of the ladies on The View and Georgie Stephanopoulos. To call any of these people journalists is a joke and ABC News the subsidiary of Disney masquerades them as such and they try to aid in the transformation of the values of this country. It's time people recognized what the mainstream media is up to and no longer lets themselves be hoodwinked by their deception and dishonesty. Avoid Disney and their employees at ABC News at all costs and we must also contact advertisers with CNN and MSNBC. We will tackle that in the future but first we must no longer let ourselves be lied to by the media and then let them get away with it. By doing this we will continue Turningthetablez on the corrupt, leftist, corporate media.

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