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Rampant Corruption

Have you seen enough yet? Have you noticed the rising level of corruption in DC? We are wondering if the level of corruption is rising or if the deep state has just become more brazen about things that they do and do not seem to care as much about people think. They know that the corrupt leftist media will cover for them and just basically help in any way that they need them to help. At the root of a lot, if not most, of the country's problems is the media not doing its job of covering the goings on in the nation's capitol. A vigilant media is essential to the proper function of a democracy, and what we have now is nowhere near what is needed even at a minimum. The corporate media is damaging the country at an alarming rate and it just keeps escalating. The once iconic Sunday news shows are manned by democratic lackeys who only report on what helps the left and harms the right. Something has to be done to combat the damage they are doing, and the goals of the political left they are working to help achieve. Not only are they corrupt and doing damage, but they are being paid tons of money to do what they are told. The kicker of it all is that we on the right are indirectly, some might say directly, paying their salaries. The only way to combat this is by cutting off the money supply to the left. The supply of money comes from those of us on the right buying products from companies who promote leftist causes. We all know many of the companies going woke and pushing leftist agendas in our face. Target, Bud Light and Disney who owns ABC News are way up on the list. We must avoid giving any of our money to these business entities. Bud Light will be easy for most people and Target has alternative places to shop though it might be inconvenient. There are many others out there doing work to advance the leftist agenda but for now we will focus on these. Bud Light appears to be extremely easy for people to avoid as its sales have totally went in the tank and without some kind of mea culpa may cease to exist. Disney who promote their leftist efforts and even have men dressed as women welcoming children to events should be an easy target. We should sadly avoid their iconic but now corrupted theme parks and cancel any of their premium channels. This should be easy as there are plenty of alternatives on both fronts. We must really avoid spending money with these companies who turn around and use that money for leftist causes. Lots of crazy stuff is going on and hardly any of it ever gets mentioned on the news except for Fox News and Newsmax. The need to change our media is essential to the success of this country and the halting of the rampant corruption that is happening now. We have an FBI and IRS targeting conservatives, and a DOJ covering for the democrats and actually trying to impede and stop any investigations into the Bidens and it appears giving them a heads up if they needed to be warned about anything being looked into by legit agents trying to do their job. It's time to turn the tablez on the corrupt, leftist, corporate news media.

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