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Reliable Sources of News

Have you seen enough yet? Have you been convinced that there is a need to counter the onslaught on traditional America being spearheaded by the political left and their many allies in the mainstream media? Drastic things are unfolding from the bowels of the Biden administration, and drastic action needs to be taken to counter what is being shoved down our throats. So many things are being put in place that just a few years ago would have been unthinkable. All of a sudden many things we took for granted are up in the air. Men, according to the left can menstruate and get pregnant. Women can decide they are a man and then POOF they are a man. Elementary age children are being given every opportunity by their school officials to declare their gender fluidity. There's a new term for you gender fluidity. The academics are working overtime to come up with enough terms to explain all of the wild new stuff they are promoting. Among the other crazy things going on is we, in America, no longer have a border. All of these big cities that were virtue signaling and declaring themselves a sanctuary city are now crying foul as they have to accommodate thousands of people who came here illegally. While being sympathetic to the plight of these unfortunate people we cannot bring this country to its knees by letting in multiple millions of people when the system was not designed to assimilate in this number of people. For some reason outrageous stuff like this is being put into motion by this administration when it does not seem to do anything beneficial for the country. In reality it really does seem to be harming the country and still the administration doubles down on their efforts. It is really no secret that the far left, which runs this administration, is no fan of America. So many of the far left now hold powerful positions in politics and the media. People had better start paying attention to what is going on because on a daily basis a little bit at a time this country is being transformed. The welfare of the citizens is no longer the main concern of these people in power. Their religion of climate change, which is now being disputed by more and more people including Nobel Prize winners, is what they base their decisions on. Anyone who dares to dispute the views being put forth by these far left crusaders is not just met with an argument, they are targeted for destruction. The far left puts forth an all out effort to totally destroy them. This is a coordinated effort and where it originates from is up for debate but it must be met with an effort to defeat it jus as fierce as their effort to install their Marxist beliefs. People must find sources of reliable, factually correct news information. Some of these sources are in fact right wing people. Sources that should be employed are people such as Bongino, Bill O'Reilly, and Patrick Bet David with his Valuetainment YouTube channel. Anytime Maria Bartiromo is on TV she is very educational along with John Solomon's Just The News website. These people are not being paid to help install a transformation of the country they appear to be sincere and truthful Joe Rogan will also be a good source as he will at times bridge subjects that others will not and he does not care what either political side cares. Disney, the parent company of The View and the joke that is ABC News, should be ashamed for what is being spewed out on the programs. The View is kind of like a cartoon with what a joke it is and the far left intellectual have nots that voice their asinine opinions. As we say in nearly every article This Week the Sunday news show was manned by the iconic David Brinkley and now it is hosted by a democratic hack who got his start in politics handling bimbo eruptions for the Clintons. Anything Disney, whether it be premium channels, movies or amusement parks should be avoided so as to not support ABC News and its show The View. By doing thing s like this we can continue Turningthetablez on the corrupt leftist media.

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