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Taking Charge

Have you had enough yet? Are you starting to notice that some very strange things are happening out there? Some really strange and diabolical things are going on and what is the constant in all of them? The left and the corporate media are working together in all cases. Not only are they not covering the daily goings on in a critical manner the media is working hand in hand with the left. Besides the political left here in America along with the media there is also the WHO, the UN and also Big Tech , or at least some of it, and the mega big investment firms. I almost forgot...Big Pharma. Biden, who is surrounded by the more radical members of the former President Obama's staff, is trying to turn more and more of our sovereignty over to the above mentioned entities. The Great Reset is barreling toward us all promoted by globalists who in nearly all cases are not elected by the people, but appointed by other globalists. In other words the people with significant control over your life will not be in their position due to merit but because they are willing to due what they are told and advance the agenda. Does that sound familiar? It is kind of like how Stephanopoulos and Chuck Todd keep their job. Or the vast majority of today's corporate media members. They do what they are told and they say what they are told to say. After the shooting in the Nashville Christian School, which was no doubt done by a transgender person, CBS News told the entire staff that the term transgender was not to be used in any stories about the tragic murders. As far as we know the manifesto written by the killer still has not been released to the public. We would like to know who is making the behind the scenes decisions like these. More and more the opinions and beliefs of the majority are being pushed aside. How long will this be tolerated? Although no smoking gun has been found to prove cheating occurred in the 2020 election it is plain that nefarious activities are going on in some of the big cities in the so called swing states. Vote harvesting is no doubt being used by the left to make difference making impacts in many elections today. We must all vote and as best we can engage in our own vote harvesting. We must use our considerable non-buying power to make a difference. Our non-buying power is potentially our greatest way to combat the left. It is trench political of the [political kind right now. Anyone who can see the non-buying power of Bud Light, for very good reason by the way, can see the impact that is being made. What if we picked a product a month to not buy? Either because they are leftist running the company or maybe they are simply buyers of ad time on leftist programs like The View or Morning Joe. We can make a huge impact in this manner. The Bud Light thing was a grass roots uprising and should show our side a template to use for success in the future because financial shots across their bow is exactly the method that we need to use to defeat the corporate left. We can mover on to another product and get their attention although getting their attention is not enough. We must defeat the left and continue Turningthetablez on the left in the same way Bud Light has been shown who is actually in charge.

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