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The Corrupt Media Must be Defunded

Have you seen enough yet? Are you ready to take action against the corrupt media and the political left ? These people are actively, every day, trying to take over this country. The motive is so much more sinister than many people thought it was. Absolutely crazy stuff is going on now that not so long ago it would have been far fetched and crazy to say politicians purposely opened the border and let millions of migrants to enter this country. They are doing just that and they definitely have a plan. They must have a plan, why else would they do such an outrageous thing. The democratic party has went bonkers and is now full on corrupt in pursuit of power. Who is working with them hand in hand every day....THE MEDIA! The media has become so blatant in their disregard for the truth and in how they attack anyone who counters the propaganda that they must be countered. If the MAGA people, who the corrupt media despises, would work together they could inflict a lot of financial pain onto the corporate media. NBC News is very corrupt and works hand in hand with the DNC. They are owned by comcast and anyone who advertises with them should be contacted and asked to stop subsidizing the corrupt left. One of our favorite and most corrupt activist turned journalist is Stephanopoulos. The infamous activist who made his bones in politics as chief bimbo controller for the Clintons has his sanctimonious act down to perfection on the once iconic but now a bit of a joke This Week on ABC. He and his act along with The View is reason enough for any MAGA aligned person the boycott ABC's parent company Disney. All Disney channels and properties should be avoided. The companies/media entities are harming this country and they intend to work with the political left to take more and more control of your lives. They are just doing it in small steps so as not to have it noticed as much. Without the media helping them the left could not accomplish these horrible political goals that they have.

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