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The Media Lies

The list of activist #media members is getting ridiculous. What is going on now in the media is shameless. The range of ridiculous "reporting" goes from outright lying to publishing stories to prompt a needed and targeted investigation. It now appears that Leslie Stahl made a complete fool of herself while interviewing Donald #Trump in #2020. It was more of an agenda driven interrogation.

Looking back now it was an embarrassing display of a partisan lack of professionalism. She was now clearly wrong on every one of her disagreements with Trump. Without journoactivists like her the deep state could not achieve their goals. This is yet another instance of a once iconic news show that has now become a tool for the left to get its message out. To varying degrees once iconic news shows This Week (ABC), Meet the #Press (NBC) and Face the Nation (CBS) have become megaphones for the DNC. They are no longer news shows as much as they are a tool for the left to promote the ideas or to attack their opponents. Chuck Todd and Stephanopolous will bring on people like Adam Schiff, who will promote any crazy but useful attack themes on Trump or the republicans. Someone like Adam Schiff is very useful in an endeavor like this because he is not encumbered by the need for ethics or truthfulness. Now, as information comes to light that the FBI may have suppressed information regarding the Bidens prior to the 2020 election will it be covered by the news? The network news, and now it also appears agents in the #FBI are politically biased. Thank you to the many FBI agents for being whistleblowers on the corrupt minority.

This is earth shaking information about an organization that is essential to the functioning of our society. Fox News will cover it but it remains to be seen if the three evening network news shows will mention it. CNN may have a segment about it, presumably to blame it on the republicans or Trump. Devin Nunes probably had the right nidea of just not talking to the leftist corporate media at all. They don't really want to interview republicans, they just want to plat gotcha and get into a promotable argument. Lesley Stahl appeared to have no interest in a rea interview with Trump and neither does nearly all of the journalists on the leftist corporate networks. It's time that we made an effort to quit trading with companies who advertise with the corporate left, and it's time that republicans quit treating interviews with the media anything other than what they are. A tool for the left and a trap.

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