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Time to Act

Have you seen enough yet? Have you come to the conclusion that corruption has reached such a level that it has become imperative that action be taken? Action must be taken to combat the corruption which has reached staggering levels in the halls of multiple federal agencies and their cohorts in the media.

We now have a president, who along with numerous members of his family, appears to be benefitting from policy decisions monetarily. It now appears tens of millions of dollars were sent to the Biden family for what many people agree appears to be related to influence peddling. If this is true we are talking about not only the most corrupt president in history, but could very well be the most corrupt politician in history.

The obvious red flag coming up here is that if this is even remotely true our president may be compromised. There are many jobs in the government and the military that have strict codes of conduct due to the fact that the person could become compromised and even blackmailed which would influence decisions. When the person who could be compromised or blackmailed is the president the consequences of that could be absolutely massive.

With all of this going on, which could lead to consequences such as extreme harm to our country the legacy media and CNN have still not even mentioned it on the air. They are so far in the bag for the political left that even when faced with staggering consequences they refuse to mention any news that might lead to detrimental conclusions for democrats and the political left. This has been going on for years with the obvious goal being the influence of the electorate. Many of the once iconic shows on tv are now manned by democratic political hacks who have one goal....the advancement of the political goals of the left. Our obvious case we point out very often is the placement of former "Bimbo Eruption Handler" George Stephanopoulos to host This Week on ABC.. David Brinkley is spinning in his grave. As conservatives or even according to the left as the dreaded MAGA republicans the only way we have to combat this operation is by utilizing our ability to not spend money with certain entities.

Disney, the parent company of ABC News should not get a single penny our our money. That should be somewhat simple to do as Disney is a far cry from the company it used to be. Anheuser Busch, Target and of course any companies advertising on MSNBC and CNN should also be avoided. This is our only way to combat what these companies are doing, and by doing this we can continue Turningthetablez on the corrupt media and the political left.

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