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Time To Do Something

Have you been outraged by what you've seen on TV? Have you been shocked by the coverage or has it been pretty much what you expected? The spectacle of these idiot ultra liberals being all giddy over the indictment of President Trump is sickening to watch. Apparently the time has come for the ultra liberals to declare that it is open season on conservatives. They are no longer trying to hide it. We have a White House full of outlaws and the group of people under attack is the conservatives. It all started with the election of Donald Trump, a non club member you might say. How dare the American people elect a non politician club member who could not be controlled by the deep state. He came under a fabricated attack before he was even sworn in. When James Comey went on TV and announced he had pretty much set up the Trump White House he should have been arrested. That is what happens when political amateurs take control of the government. Trump and his people were political amateurs, and used to functioning out there in the real world and were in no way prepared for the onslaught headed their way from the deep state and their allies in the media. It was an unprecedented 24 hour a day attack spearheaded by the deep state and executed by the leftist corporate media. The wizard of Wall St herself Nancy Pelosi and Senator Schumer bowled over anyone between them and a microphone to trumpet the many bad things Trump was doing. Therein lies the worst of it. We are having to listen to the wizard of Wall St lecture everyone about how bad Trump is when she is as corrupt as they come. Her cohorts in the media breathlessly agree with her statements nearly simultaneously to them being made. (Nearly like there is coordination) The people who suffer in all this are the people because Trump had this country humming like a sewing machine. The way it was looking Trump was going to be very hard to beat and the transforming of the country was being totally reversed. The deep state was not going to sit by and let that happen so the full power of the federal government came down on Trump. The CIA, FBI and now apparently the Office of the Federal Archives all at least to some extent attacked Trump. It is not so much that they were after Donald Trump as they were not going to tolerate anyone or any group that tried to buck the system. I hope all the people who voted for Biden because they thought Trump was not nice enough to his opponents trying to ruin him in the media are rethinking their emotional vote. The self righteous better than you group known as the lite along with their cohorts in the media and big tech are working everyday to get more control of your life because they, the elites, know what is best for you. Don't look now but they are making progress everyday. It is time we stopped using Facebook immediately. Also cancel any Disney channels so as to not subsidize ABC News. We are not sure how to do this yet in an organized way but we have to stop helping our enemies. Red states should absolutely take all money out of Black Rock and not let Larry Fink use our money to advance ESG. The bottom line is that time is short and we must do a better job of Turningthetablez on the left and the ultra liberals in the media.

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