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Time to Stop Being Apathetic

Have you seen enough yet? Have you decided it is time to stop being apathetic and do something to stop the daily advance of the political left? Have you decided it is time to start finding alternative sources for your news? the corrupt news media in this country are not only failing to report the news correctly to the public, they are damaging the country. In a republic or democracy a strong, independent and curious press is essential. Our media here is curious but only in what the republicans are doing. Once they report on what the republicans are doing they then make an effort to make it look as bad as they can. It's a totally rigged system with the deck stacked against the conservative right. The news they do report is skewed in a way to benefit the political left or it is not reported on (Hunter Biden laptop ) if it is damaging to the political left. The media is in the business of helping the left whether it is by covering things up or by skewing the way the information is reported to the public. CNN, MSNBC ABC News are doing damage to the country. They do not give out the news, they spew propaganda. They give a one sided view of the news with an agenda driven goal of helping the political left. CNN is a joke of a broadcast network with hardly any viewers that is out viewed by the Cartoon Network on a regular basis. if it were not for its being included in cable packages it could not survive. ABC News has its once iconic Sunday news show This Week hosted by a democratic lackey who got his start in democratic politics handling bimbo eruptions for the Clintons. Their parent company Disney who is starting to feel the financial pain brought on by the production of broadcasting geared toward grooming children and pushing an LGBTQ agenda in your face whether you want it or not. Their premium channels and theme properties should be avoided as to not fund their woke agenda. Advertisers on CNN should be contacted and asked politely to stop funding the woke agenda or we will be forced to stop using their product. The political right has massive power in their pocketbooks in their ability to spend or not spend their money with companies who subsidize the woke leftist agenda. The media must be forced to start over and start reporting the news or we must find alternative sources like Bill O'Reilly or Bongino or Newsmax. The stuff being peddled by CNN and MSNBC is gibberish. They are struggling to explain and cover up for the cocaine being found in the White House. You would think that with as many cameras as they have in that place it would be easy to see who left it. Another thing they like to do is string a story along in the hopes that the public will forget about it. Well we will not forget. We will continue our effort at Turningthetablez on the corrupt leftist media

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