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Under Attack

Have you seen enough yet? Do you feel like you, as a conservative, are under attack? It's becoming quite apparent that there has been an organized, concerted effort to stop Donald Trump and anyone affiliated with him. We have already talked about the outright and obvious agenda put forth by the media. Today we will bring up some other organizations who appear to be trying to help the political left in many ways. The IRS has already been shown to be corrupt when Lois Lerner attacked conservative groups. The worst part of this is that she got away with it. If that sordid episode had happened during a republican administration there would have been special reports and probably a full sixty minute episode of 60 Minutes, with an aghast Lesley Stahl devoted to the outrage. as it turned out there was hardly a peep from the leftist corporate media. Why? It would not fit their agenda of transforming America. It also looks like the FBI, or at least, the management of the FBI has been heavily involved in the fight against conservatives. If you are a conservative you are subject to early morning raids and arrests. If that was not enough they may also place a call to CNN so they can come ahead of time and set up to film the action. CNN is nothing but a bunch of well paid messengers of the political left. Who pays these astronomical salaries? We do indirectly by trading with companies who purchase advertising on the network. They have other sources of income but for our discussion today we will focus on ad revenue. The wokeness put forth by the left not only does not work, it harms our society and the people in it. We have government agencies now actively pushing far left wokeness and ideas that just a few years ago would have been thought to be complete nonsense. We have a transgender Surgeon General who says sex change operations on children will soon be the norm. We have a Secretary of Homeland Security who will say under oath that the border is secure while millions of people are just pouring through. On the advertising beat we have Budweiser advertising with a transgender person! If someone wants to be transgender that is their business but i will be surprised if quite a few Bud drinkers don't change beers. The fact is that the left does not deserve any special treatment but they seem to think that they do. The folks over at CBS News have forbidden any of their media to refer to the shooter at the Nashville school as transgender. You can bet if they were republican, conservative or an NRA member it would have been mentioned numerous times probably in the headline. The question remains of who is coordinating all of this in the background. Where are the marching orders coming from? The one thing we do know is that the folks on the political right possess immense power due to the way they elect to spend their money. This is really the only weapon we have in this fight and we had better start using it. We absolutely have to get organized and try to make a dent in the power of the leftist corporate media. That is the only way we can make an impact by Turningthetablez on the left. We had better get started fast because most of the people making decisions now that affect our lives our just downright idiots and the media is their biggest weapon.

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