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Under Attack

Have you seen enough yet? Have you had enough yet? Have you had and seen enough of the elites (better than yous) making an effort to have complete control of your life? Whether people know it or not we on the right are under attack. Make no mistake, we on the right and our idea of government and governance are under attack by the left. Between a president who hid in his basement during the election and now refuses to answer tough questions much of what is being done against us is happening in the dark. In a functioning democracy the media would have forced Joe Biden out of hid Elba like exile in his basement. Instead, they were too busy being on the hunt for Donald Trump. DJT did something that the deep state and its cohorts in the media simply cannot allow. He thought and asked questions like a normal citizen.

Many of the conversations being held at an after hour bar or by the water bottle were expressed daily by Trump. The "elites" cannot tolerate that. The Bidens and John Kerrys of the world are too busy making deals and flying on private planes trying to transform the global relations to be slowed down by anyone who would dare to try and use common sense to set the country's agenda. Even before Trump took office a plan was hatched to stop him and, with the media's help, it still has not stopped. They are after Trump, but they are targeting all of us on the right. Along with the media they are being helped by the financial behemoths Blackrock and Vanguard. If you are not familiar with ESG you better get familiar with it. ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. It is a tool made up by the left to grade how people do things. They are using it everyday to push their version of environmentalism on all of us. They want it to be used by banks as a part of loan approval and in that way they control what we do. Remember back when freedom was the absolute biggest component of being American?

These guys do but they aim to change that. One other thing, have you noticed the big wheels on the left always seem to profit from these new ideas that control our way of life? You need to research the Human Rights Campaign, Corporate equality Index and the term social credit score. Want to know why Bud Light all of a sudden decided to have a transgender as its poster child? Ask mega stockholders Blackrock and Vanguard? These two financial giants have so much control over companies they can force them to push the ESG agenda of the left. Not only can they, THEY ARE. We have talked to you about how the only weapon we really have against the left, besides our vote, is our ability to not spend money with entities that are our opponent politically. Right now people of our political ilk are not buying bud light. This is an absolutely great development related to the shoving down our throats of trandgenderism. Really, it should expanded to all Anheuser Busch products. nike has fallen right in with their promoting of transgenderism also so as of now we will buy absolutely nothing Nike. In what surely appears to be a coordinated effort these companies along with the media is engaging in a very organized, purpose driven endeavor of transforming how this country works and functions. All red states should immediately withdraw all funds from the financial giants. An alternate place for investment would be Strive Asset Management which is opposed to all of these leftist goals. This fund was founded by Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy who is opposed to ESG and critical race theory. What really should happen is Vanguard and Blackrock should be broken up in an antitrust, monopoly type of way. Larry Fink and Blackrock have been said to have the biggest quantum computer in the world and that should scare you if it is weaponized against us. One other thing, has anyone kept track of how many times Alexander Soros has been to the Biden White House?

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