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We are Puppets

Who is running this country? Who is making the decisions on a daily basis that affect our lives? Another question would be a very important one. Are the people running this country elected by American citizens? Our democracy is evolving rapidly and without a doubt, it is shifting to the left. The push to the left is spurred on by radical environmental policies and a Marxist push for "equality". The main entities pushing this shift are not even elected officials, although they appear to be working hand in hand with the political left. The guilty parties are the leftist corporate media led by the big three legacy networks, CNN. MSNBC, CNBC and numerous internet propaganda spouters. Many of the large corporations in America today, under pressure from the left, are shifting many of their policies toward a more liberal direction. These policies are dependent on very expensive, job killing policies that in many cases have no hope of being successful despite the cost. The left has been much more successful at the grass roots level than we on the right have been at financially influencing political policy. This is much easier to be successful at due to the media trumpeting their leftist views 24 hours a day. None of the media are elected officials, although many are recycled democratic political hacks. It has become obvious that a sizable portion of the electorate is easily influenced by the non stop barrage of liberally slanted news. History has shown that groups of people are time after time susceptible to this approach at influencing the population. People had better start finding alternative, honest sources of news or while they aren't paying attention their whole way of life may be taken from them. Their whole way of life may partly include their gas stove and heater along with their weed eater and lawn mower. So when Chuck Todd, Georgie Stephanopoulos or the ladies on The View give their version of the day's democratic talking points remember to call their advertisers and alert them to your plan of finding alternative products. Make it a point to cancel any Disney channels and stay away from any Disney properties, and this will be your contribution to continue Turningthetablez on the leftist corporate media.

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