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We Must Win

Have you seen enough yet? Have you seen enough damage being done by the news media that you have decided it is time to take action? Are you ready to totally boycott ABC News's parent company Disney? Not only do they sanction leftist entities like The View and ABC NEWS, they make movies promoting the LGBTQ lifestyle and are trying to groom children. It's none of our business how these people live their lives but if they are going to target our children it definitely becomes our business then. On that subject have you seen any footage of the drag queens in the parade this past weekend chanting "we are coming for your children"? You probably haven't if you relied on the legacy media to provide footage for you. Please make an effort to get online to see this footage, hopefully it leaves quite an impression about what is going on. There are some absolutely mind blowing things going on out there right now and we all need to make an effort to stay up to date on what is happening. The legacy news along with CNN and MSNBC cannot be used as a source for your news. They are very biased to the point of actually having an agenda they are trying to push. They are comprised of very well paid activists masquerading as journalists and they are doing exactly what they are being paid to do....advance the leftist agenda by lying or whatever it takes to accomplish their goals. They are harmful to America and should shunned totally by anyone who is not a confirmed leftist. If there is a way to put them out of business we should endeavor daily to accomplish this goal. Instead of these sources being used by us for sources of news we should find where Newsmax could be viewed and certain shows on FoxNews. Other sources are Bongino, the O'Reilly website and many podcasts like Megyn Kelly, Bongino and if you want a really no holds barred source check out Mark Levin either on FoxNews or satellite radio in the evenings. Any advertiser on CNN, MSNBC or Meet The Press or This Week on our old friend ABC. We have crazy things going on right now like a president who has been selling his influence as an elected official in the past and media figures who get all bent out of shape at the idea that there is only a man and a woman as ways to identify our sex. Anything goes right now for the left and they are coming for your children. Don't take my word for it get online and find the footage where you can hear the chant. If this covering up of behavior doesn't wake you up it should.. It's time to start taking action and Turningthetablez on the corrupt leftist media and we can do that by being careful in the way we choose to spend our money.

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