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What is Next?

The leftist corporate media is doing all it can to transform America. If the WWII generation is the greatest generation what are the baby boomers? The boomers spawned the counterculture of the 60s and that has been a thorn in the side of America ever since. This group gave us the bulk of our college professors now, and also Hillary Clinton and her group of know it alls. Never before have so few thought they were so much smarter than everyone else.

Today's journoactivists or agenda journalists are either members of this group or products of it. They believe they are just flat out smarter than everyone else. These people spend their time on the news telling everyone on the right what they should do and how silly they are for believing what they believe. What kind of breathtaking arrogance does it take to scoff at the US constitution?

Certain members of the left, and they are many, consider the founding fathers corrupt and worthy of disdain. The journoactivists and politicians on the left talk about the constitution being a living, breathing document. Translation it means what we need it to mean. More and more the left's agenda is being driven by the media. There is no room left for doubt if you were wondering whether the democrats and the media were colluding. At this point organized meetings between the two groups must be happening. The only question is are the orders/requests coming from the politicians to the media or vice versa. These know it alls want to run your lives.

Don't ignore the fact that they are making progress daily. The media post the flashy headlines or breaking news story and the dems, if needed, can hold a hearing or outraged press conference. This can be choreographed to be used whenever, and however it's needed. It also appears the FBI may be in on the deal. Not the average everyday dutiful agent, but the corrupt politician appointed administration of the FBI. The point here is the media selectively covers the news.

They will breathlessly cover any allegation, no matter how crazy, about Trump or the republicans. Being faced with blatant signs of corruption by not only Hunter Biden but by other members Biden clan also and no questions are asked. So here we are with 9% inflation, rising crime, open borders and rampant corruption and what led off their last hour on CNN??? The Jan 6 hearings!

# CNN has become a boil on the butt of legitimate journalism. It's CNN, MSNBC and the legacy three networks who mare most to blame for us having Biden as President. They are starting to turn on Biden so extolling the virtues of Kamala should start soon. Americans had better not let themselves be tricked THIS TIME! Next we will start calling out companies to call and products not to buy. It's time to stop buying products and cancelling subscriptions.

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