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Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Have you seen enough yet to make you wonder if maybe the people running things, whoever that is, may not have your best interests in mind? It has become very obvious that the media, an absolutely essential part of our society, is not up to the task of reporting on the events that shape our lives. They are not only not up to it, they are genuinely not interested in doing anything that might impede the advance of the left and their political goals. There are absolutely crazy things going on right now and the journoactivists in the media either will not report on it or go out and outright lie about what is happening. Fighting against this by the right is very difficult. The deck is at least somewhat stacked against us in that regard. The vast majority of the news media is out there daily pushing the January 6th mantra. We have a president who is compromised mentally. Some of this may be age related dementia, but Joe Biden has been in Washington DC for 50 years and for most of that he has earned a reputation as a buffoon and just generally as not being the sharpest knife in the drawer. The dementia thing is pushed by a lot of people but Joe has been known as a gaffe machine for decades. The dementia narrative allows the media to cover for him, and be somewhat sympathetic toward ol' Joe. All this being said I should say that There is no doubt that Biden does have dementia to some degree. We also think that the majority of ideas and political goals coming out of this administration are originating in far left think tanks and groups that in general just have contempt for traditional America. Getting back to the difficult task we have of countering the leftist corporate media, most of the media is made up of democratic hacks. The Hunter Biden laptop story is an absolute case of a corrupt politician. The FBI has had the laptop for quite a long time and still has not done anything about it. They aren't going to either anymore than Merrick Garland"s DOJ is going to do anything. All Of this stuff with the corrupt Biden crime family is going on and then when a transgender goes into a school and kills six people including three nine year olds the media is more aghast that the shooter might be described using the wrong pronoun. This illustrates just what we are dealing with. The media above all else wants to keep beating the woke, liberal drum. It is a difficult thing to counter because even with the mess that everything is in Biden, 36-40 percent approval. The fact that anyone would approve of the job he is doing shows just how hard our job on the right is to win elections. The only way we have to counter the media is by cutting off their stream of revenue and that is not going to be able either. Disney corp. is ABC News parent company and as far as the other networks go we must contact advertisers and request, if we are going to continue to buy their products we need to see them stop buying time on these shows

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