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Who is in charge here?

Have you seen enough yet? Are you starting to question what the media tells you? Does it seem like that instead of telling you an unbiased summary of the day's events that instead they are feeding you a line of propaganda? There seems to be a new occurrence happening between the government and people out there who are not in alliance with the political left. It now seems that political rivals of the left are being targeted by factions of the US government manned by leftists. Most any American citizen with half a brain can recognize now that the FBI has been targeting conservatives. That is no longer even up for debate. Anyone who is not a panelist on The View recognizes this to be true. In the Obama administration it was shown that the IRS targeted conservative groups. Now we hear that while Matt Taibbi was testifying in front of congress the IRS was knocking on his door. I'm sure there was no intent to intimidate going on there though. If we are ever lucky enough to get a conservative president elected again mass firings must take place. If not firings we must establish an IRS and FBI office to be manned at Ice Station Zebra! Most of the seventh floor at the FBI can be sent there. Any number of figures from the leftist corporate media could be sent to handle communications. Chuck Todd and Georgie Stephanopoulos could work in shifts. The sad fact is that it is now becoming obvious that parts of the federal government are being used by the Biden administration to target those of us on the right. The vast majority of government workers, including 99% of the FBI are hard workers earning an honest living while doing their job well. The people at the top have been put there for a reason. The Biden administration does not even have to contact these people most of the time with what they want done. They have been put in these bureaucratic positions for a reason, and that reason is they are devout leftists and they know what to do. These people do what they have been put in place to do and then when people raise an alarm about it the journoactivists swoop in and do a very targeted interview with the obvious goal of making the leftists who did the targeting look innocent. It is done time after time. Now even 60 Minutes is being used in this way either to cover things up or as an attack dog. Remember when Lesley Stahl made a complete fool of herself arguing with Donald Trump about whether his campaign was spied on. Like so many of the once high quality news programs 60 Minutes has now become a tool to be used by the left because it is run by leftists. The main point we are making here is that there is so much coordination going on now between the media, big tech and the eupposed media that we must combat. We must continue our fight of Turningthetablez on the corrupt left and the media.

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