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Who's in Charge Here?

Have you had enough yet? Have you seen enough to make you question what's going on? Are you starting to question who is in charge and running things? It seems like a lot of things going on now are being pushed by the billionaire busy bodies to take control of so many things. By doing this they take over many aspects of our everyday life. The staff here at Turningthetablez started out looking at how the media does not cover or report on many stories that might be damaging to or casts the democrats in a bad light. The more we watch and chronicle what we are seeing we are starting to ask if the media is, not in fact running things! If not directly the media it is looking more and more like the media gets their marching orders daily on what to say and what stories to cover. The media along with wealthy donors and unelected career bureaucrats seem more and more to be planting the ideas that are cultivated by the media. When Covid came on the scene anyone who said or reported anything out of the company line was quickly and savagely attacked. No alternative treatment was to be tolerated or even given consideration. The mandate to wear masks which has been proven, due to the size of the virus, to be largely useless. All the things that were pushed by the political left and the leftist corporate media were things that restricted our freedom and aided the left in the elections. The big tech and the social media were doing everything they could to push a narrative that was advantageous the these companies both in business and in their political leanings. Millions of Americans had their livelihoods taken away and vast amounts of psychological damage was done to the citizens of this country and the world. We will not even dive into the loss of education for our children due to this. The work towards control of the population seems to be emerging as more of an apparent goal of the collective efforts of the big tech companies and the leftist corporate media. So many alternative treatments have now been proven to be effective even though they were attacked widely by the media during Covid. At some point does it not become a red flag that much of Dr Fauci's correspondence during Covid are being withheld from the public? At some point, before it is too late the media and the people who led much of the effort to0 control the population during the epidemic have to be held accountable. We will continue next time to look at the detrimental effects of what was implemented on the public during the pandemic and what can be done about it. We must not left this kind of vast dishonest activities by the WHO and the compliant media. We must start Turningthetablez on the media and its allies in the big state.

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